High-Resolution Download

This feature allows you the opportunity to download a high-resolution version of the ampergram that you have selected. The image is formatted at the highest resolution (minimum 3060px) of the compiled Instagram photos. If you are currently on a mobile device, you can begin this payment process now but it is recommended that you download your image from a computer, as it may exceed 10MB in data. You will be charged $1 for the download.

The charge of $1 is a processing fee for this service to cover the data processing of our software and servers for preparing such a high-quality image.

Upon completion of your order please allow up to one full business day to receive an email containing a link for your digital download.

By purchasing a high resolution print, you, "User", agree to the following terms. User claims no ownership rights to the photos being used in the created ampergram. User is prohibited from selling, or profiting from, the created ampergram without the expressed written consent of each photographer featured in said ampergram. Should User attempt to contact original photographer for permission, any attempts are to be handled external of AMPERGRAM.

Not sure of the quality?
view print example (2MB)